The Controlling Cycle (Part 3) of the 5-Elements – 五行 / Wǔ Xíng

A few days ago I described the Generating Cycle, or Mother/Child Cycle, in Part 2 of these posts addressing various parts of 5-Element theory. This post will briefly describe the relationships between each element/phase from a different, yet complementary perspective: the Controlling Cycle, which is sometimes referred to as the Father/Child or Grandmother/Child Cycle (I […]

Autumn – Season of Metal

The equinox just happened on Thursday, so we are officially into Autumn here in the northern hemisphere, traditionally associated with the element of Metal in Traditional Chinese Medicine. But what does that mean? If you’re like me, perhaps you find Metal the hardest to grasp of the 5-Element system (the others being Wood, Fire, Earth, […]