facial rejuvenation, skin tone, wrinkles, natural face lift, weight loss

Facial rejuvenation, also known as an all-natural "face lift", is a chemical- and surgery-free way to tone the muscles of the face, gently erase wrinkles, and generally increase a youthful appearance on the face and neck. Increased circulation and stimulation of collagen production are the principle mechanisms at work. Facial massage, guasha (press-strokes), and jade-roller treatment help to stimulate muscles and skin before the insertion of special tiny needles over the face. While this is happening, a personalised, full-body acupuncture treatment supports internal organ health, which improves complexion from the inside-out. Weight loss effects happen through stimulation of the body's metabolism, encouraging elimination of unnecessary waste products and absorption of vital nutrients to support over-all well-being and healthy weight loss.

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